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"My hands are strong, My eyes are endless...

...Oh, and my mind is the open ocean."

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"I live not in dreams,
but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the future."

~Rainer Maria Rilke


Journal title and subtitle quoted from "Teeth" by Bowerbirds.

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abstraction, achieving your goals, admitting your weaknesses, all things vintage, ancient civilizations, anis mojgani, astrology, awkward moments, baby powder, bahá'í faith, bathroom acoustics, beautifully juxtaposing mundane things, being completely honest/open, beirut, bon iver, bowerbirds, breakfast in bed, buddhism, cbc radio 2, cheese/cream-cheese/cheesecake, childhood, christianity, city lights, clarinet, classical music, complete darkness, contemplation, cool night air, creativity, culture, cuteness attacks, dancing like an idiot, dictionary inspiration, different kinds of tea/coffee, doritos-binging, dreaming, dry humour, excellent-quality earbuds, existentialism, expanding-my-conglomerate-of-favourites, fashion, feeling the rain, fleet foxes, folk music, fragility, futurama, geekery, geniuses, gentle hands, genuine smiles, gnosticism, going barefoot outdoors, harry potter, having faith, heartbreaking beauty, home-made cookies, horse feathers, humility, imperfection, improv anime voice-overs, indulging in fantasies, infinitely deep eyes, introspection, intuition, irony, j.d. salinger, jalāl ad-dīn muḥammad rūmī, jane austen, jazz/bebop/charlie "bird" parker, joni mitchell, khalil gibran, la blogotheque's take-away shows, languages, le petit prince, learning about my heritage, learning to trust, leonard cohen, lilies, literature, live performances, living in my jammies, love, ludwig van beethoven, luminous people, maraschino cherries, mary oliver, modernism, modesty, moonlight, mumford & sons, muppets, my family, nature, night, nostalgia, ocd, open windows, optimism, passion, perfect silence, periodic nocturnalism, philosophy, photography, pink sunsets, poetry, prayer and meditation, procrastinating effectively, proud perfectionism, psychology, rainer maria rilke, ralph waldo emerson, ravens, regaining stability, regina spektor, renting movies, romanticism, science, self-actualization, selflessness, sensitivity and sensuality, shakespeare, smell of freshly-cut grass, smelling candles in stores, softness, spicy foods, spirituality, spontaneous romance, sufjan stevens, super mario bros/kart/party, surrender, syntho-pop, that new book smell, the office, the simpsons, the-call-of-crows-in-the-morning, thought-provoking eavesdropping, thunder storms, tootsie rolls, transcendentalism, travelling the world (eventually), true friends, unabashedly-bawling-your-eyes-out, uncontrollable laughter, university, walt whitman, warming-up-when-you're-freezing-cold, windchimes, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing, xd
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